Cheap gaming mice round-up: budget mice

You can buy an excellent mouse for little money - but do watch out!



A while ago we published an extensive round-up of 37 gaming mice from the more expensive segment. If you want to have the best sensors and the most unique features, check out that article, however those looking for an affordable gaming mouse also have plenty to choose from. In this article we're comparing 20 cheap gaming mice that cost no more than 45 pounds at the time of writing this review, but most of the time they can be found for less. 

Various manufacturers that were strongly represented in our previous round-up, such as Logitech and Corsair, play a much smaller role in the budget segment. A sharply priced Logitech gaming mouse is normally only found in a sale. Other manufacturers are found much more in this segment. Sharkoon and Speedlink are good examples of this. Lastly we also included a couple of exotic brands, such as the Spanish Ozone.

Of course we're trying to find which products offer the most bang for the buck. We do this using benchmarks in the area of speed, acceleration and lift-off distance, but of course also by using the mice themselves. In short, after reading this review you'll know which gaming mouse you should buy for every budget.

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