Cheap gaming mice round-up: budget mice

You can buy an excellent mouse for little money - but do watch out!



The ROG Sica is a very different beast from the Spatha we covered in the previous review. It's named after a short sword that was used by the Ancient Romans and therefore it's a compact mouse, which makes it very suitable for the fingertip grip. The mouse is ambidextrous and does not come with any extra buttons.

ASUS RoG Sica Grey

The mouse itself features flash memory on which you can save a profile with settings for the red LED lighting, DPI and macros. The test results are good, as we'd expect from the PixArt PMW3310 sensor: no acceleration, maximum speeds of more than 3 meters per second and a fairly average lift-off distance of one and a half millimeters.

ASUS RoG Sica Grey

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