Cheap gaming mice round-up: budget mice

You can buy an excellent mouse for little money - but do watch out!



Unfortunately we ran into enough models that we'd rather leave in the discount area of the local electronics shop. Luckily there are a couple of budget kings that prove that there are great gaming mice out there for a low price.

The Sharkoon Fireglider Laser surprised us in the absolute budget segment with its great performance and very low price. It's inevitable that you'll notice that Sharkoon has cut corners here and there to save costs, however the performance is in order and you get a surprising amount of bang for the buck. A Great Value Award is well-deserved.

The same award goes to the Gigabyte XM300. It's a relatively large mouse, however it performs well and it has features that are normally only found in the more expensive segments. Only low-sense gamers should probably look somewhere else, as the mouse has a rather high lift-off distance.

If you're looking for a compact model with few extras, the ASUS ROG Sica is an interesting option. This model also performs excellently while also having a reasonably low lift-off distance. Gamers with a fingertip or claw grip will love this small sword.

If you're shopping at the top of the segment we're covering today, we'd definitely recommend the Logitech G403 Prodigy, which we awarded in our previous review. This no-nonsense gaming mouse is on sale a lot for about 45 pounds and is an excellent buy at that price.

Sharkoon Fireglider Laser
Gigabyte XM300 Xtreme Gaming


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