Cheap gaming mice round-up: budget mice

You can buy an excellent mouse for little money - but do watch out!


Speedlink: Decus & Decus Respec

Speedlink sent us two models for this test: the Decus from 2014 and the new Decus Respec, the successor to the Decus. Both models are still available are cost 25 to 45 pounds, so we're including both of them. In terms dimensions the mice are nearly identical - fairly large, but we've seen bigger in this test - and the PixArt PWM3310 sensor is also present in both models. The shape of the mice only makes them suitable for right-handed people that prefer a palm grip.

Speedlink Decus Speedlink Decus Respec
We tested the Decus and the Decus Respec, its successor.

The most important change of the Respec, besides its appearance, is the addition of weights that allow you to determine the ideal weight of your mouse yourself. The Respec is a bit lighter by itself, however if you add the weights, the Decus and Decus Respec weigh similarly, at 125 grams.

The software allows you to set up five profiles, which are saved on the mouse itself. These profiles of course include dpi settings and RGB lighting, in addition to macros, however it should be noted that any RGB lighting cannot be synced with other hardware.

Speedlink Decus Respec
The weights are the most important addition to the Decus Respec.

The performance of the mice is generally fine, with speeds of about 4 meters per second. The Decus had some acceleration, however they've solved these problems with the Respec. The speeds on plastic surfaces are much lower though, which means that you can really only use the mouse on a cloth mouse pad. The lift-off distance of 2.7 mm is fairly high, however the grip disqualified the mouse for low-sense usage anyway.

  • Speedlink Decus Respec
  • Speedlink Decus Respec
  • Speedlink Decus Respec
  • Speedlink Decus Respec
  • Speedlink Decus Respec

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