Cheap gaming mice round-up: budget mice

You can buy an excellent mouse for little money - but do watch out!


Sharkoon: Fireglider Laser & Optical, Shark Force, Drakonia & Shark Zone M51+

Sharkoon is extremely active in the budget segment. The cheapest mouse only costs about 17 pounds. Let's quickly forget this Shark Force however, because even though its lift-off distance is relatively low, we also measure very low speeds and constant negative acceleration. It might be the cheapest of this test, but you're better off ignoring the mouse.

Sharkoon Shark Force Black

Furthermore, we also tested the Fireglider Optical and Laser, which cost respectively 23 pounds and 28 pounds. We were very much surprised by the Firegliders, as they offer great performance for such a low price. They're long, but fairly thin mice with plenty of features: four macro buttons, an optional weight and internal memory for a couple of profiles.

Sharkoon FireGlider Optical Sharkoon FireGlider Laser Black
The Fireglider Optical and Fireglider Laser.

Out of the two, the laser variant clearly has the better sensor. It features a lower lift-off distance and maximum speeds of about three meters per second, which is more than fine, especially in this segment. The optical version might be a bit cheaper, however it has lower speeds and doesn't perform as well in the acceleration tests.

The Shark Zone M51+ is about 15 pounds more expensive and features a more ergonomic design. It features more buttons and the lighting is fully RGB. The Avago ADNS-9800 sensor achieves higher speeds than the Firegliders, however it does so with some positive acceleration. It's also worth noting that the mouse comes with a bungee, for mouse cable management.

Sharkoon Shark Zone M51+

Lastly we tested the Drakonia in two colour schemes: green and black. They're laser mice with Avago sensors of up to 5000 dpi, for people with at least one right hand. In total the mice features 11 buttons. Software that allows you to customize the RGB lighting and profiles. five of which can be saved on the mouse, is included. If you want to, you can make the mouse heavier using six weights. We've little to complain about the test results, except from the continuously present positive acceleration.

Sharkoon Drakonia Green Sharkoon Drakonia Black
The Drakonia is available in various colour schemes.

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