17 PCI-Express SSDs round-up: the fastest SSDs

NVMe tested in many different flavours



AS SSD uses incompressible data, which means that SSDs featuring SandForce controllers do not benefit from their built-in compression tricks, just as was the case for the Iometer tests.

AS SSD performs both read and write tests. First, it tests using data blocks of 4 kB with one instruction at a time, followed by 4 kB data blocks with 64 simultaneous instructions. Finally, it also runs a sequential read and write test, which gives an indication of the drive's performance when working with very large files. Based on all tests, AS SSD also determines an overall score. Running these tests in addition to the Iometer tests is fairly redundant, but we do so anyway because you can easily run this benchmark on your own computer, allowing you to compare the SSDs from this round-up with your own SSD.

In AS SSD we see a clear gap between Samsung and Intel, and 'everyone else'.

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