5 wqhd-monitors with AdobeRGB: professional monitors

Additional price wider colour space can be justifiable



We are clearly past the time that a graphic professional had to pay a lot more than 917 pounds / 1,000 euros for a good monitor. Even Eizo has a monitor available around that price point. We do find that the price of the CS2730, as well as the price of the HP DreamColor Z27X, is difficult to defend if you are a freelancer looking for a new monitor. The price will presumably be more interesting (read: lower) when purchasing large amounts for a bigger company. However, for HP it is a true top model, while for Eizo this is a relatively entry-level model that has difficulty distinguishing itself compared with the cheaper competitors in terms of features - for that you need to take a look at the higher positioned, even more expensive models in the CG-series. We would only recommend the CS2730 as the first choice if you want the safety of the 5 year warranty or simply love the ColorNavigator software. 

If you want hardware-calibration and as much 'bang for your buck', you cannot leave out the Dell UltraSharp UP2716D, especially because this monitor is often available through retailers for a lot less money than the stated MSRP. This monitor stands out because of its excellent uniformity, excellent test results out-of-the-box and even better test results after calibration. Nevertheless BenQ takes it a step further when it comes to colour quality in our opinion, both in terms of standard out-of-the-box performance as well as after calibration. Furthermore the shading hood and remote control supplied with the SW2700PT are very useful extras in our opinion. Because of this, both monitors receive an Excellent Choice award. The Philips 272P4APJKHB received a Great Value Award when we published this article in our magazine, but right now the monitor is end of life. If you are still able to find it somewhere, it definitely offers value for your money and it is a great recommendation if you want to work with a wider colour space without paying the top price. 

BenQ SW2700PT
Dell UltraSharp UP2716D

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