5 wqhd-monitors with AdobeRGB: professional monitors

Additional price wider colour space can be justifiable


Response time and input lag

To be fair, nobody purchases a monitor like the ones covered in this article to play video games. If you do want to do this, you can find out whether or not one of these models is sufficient for your purposes in this regard. 

Without overdrive the black-white-black response times of all monitors are not bad, with the exception of the Eizo - but even that monitor shows a maximum transition time of 13.7 ms for a single transition. With grey-grey transitions the results are worse across the board, but the Dell is clearly the fastest followed closely by BenQ and Philips. With overdrive on a not too aggressive, distorting mode the Philips is number one (because of the lowest overshoot), followed by HP and Dell. 

Response times standard

Response times maximum

Response times optimal


Input lag

Looking at the input lag, it is clear that only the BenQ and Dell monitors might be considered for gaming, because with the Philips, HP and Eizo monitors we see clear input lag. 


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