5 wqhd-monitors with AdobeRGB: professional monitors

Additional price wider colour space can be justifiable


Viewing angles

The new viewing angle measurements are a lot more detailed than before. Aside from the reduction in brightness we also measure the colour deviation. The standard deviation is shown once again. This is based on the sub-measurements of the base- and support colours, plus 100% and 75% white. If the standard deviation is low, the brightness of all colours is reduced in the same manner. Unfortunately we have not tested enough monitors to be able to put these values into perspective, which is why we show the information here without linking it to a conclusion.

Because this test is performed differently than the test we used to do, these results are not comparable with those of the older test method. For this test we measure at a brightness of 150 cd/m² instead of using the maximum brightness, and the distance between the device and the screen is different.

In terms of horizontal viewing angles the Eizo ColorEdge CS2730 is clearly the best, while the Philips clearly ends up last. Seen vertically the HP shows the best values and Eizo ends up last. As long as you are alone and sitting in right in front of the monitor, these results are not as important for the conclusion. 

Viewing angles left

Viewing angles right

Viewing angles above

Viewing angles below


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