5 wqhd-monitors with AdobeRGB: professional monitors

Additional price wider colour space can be justifiable


Brightness and contrast

In terms of maximum brightness the Philips leads the pack, but for these monitors this test is not as important. For professional applications the user tends to have a brightness of 100 to 150 cd/m², which is achieved effortlessly by all models in this test. 

At minimal brightness it is interesting to see that the BenQ is able to set the lowest value by far. None of the participants is extremely blinding here. 

BenQ also clearly achieves the best black values with their SW2700PT, while Eizo clearly performs the worst here. 

Looking at the contrast, BenQ and Philips show the best performance. Eizo follows with some distance. While you could argue that you can have a worse contrast if this increases the colour fidelity, multiple models show that a compromise this big should not be necessary. 


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