Phanteks Evolv Shift X review: living room worthy

Mini-ITX reinvented


Test results noise levels

As always the noise levels are the counterpart of the cooling performance. Because we can measure with and without 'graphics card', we perform a total of five measurements for noise levels: without spinning case fans or active test setup, in order to have an indication of the noise cancellation capabilities of the case; with the test setup and CPU and the fans at 7 and 12 volt, as well as test setup with CPU and GPU and fans at 7 and 12 volt. 

No case fans

Without case fans we measure 31.6 dB(A), of which our noisy 3.5" test drive is undoubtedly the culprit. Usually you will not use such a drive in this case, but nevertheless the sound levels are not that bad when compared with the competition. 

7 V

With the fans at low speed the Phanteks Evolv Shift X ends up in fourth place; 32.6 dB(A) is very quiet for a Mini-ITX case. 

12 V

At high fan speed, nothing changes the image of the Evolv Shift X; is is still high up in the graph, the 43.9 dB(A) that we measure is audible but not so bad. 

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Phanteks Evolv Shift X

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