Phanteks Evolv Shift X review: living room worthy

Mini-ITX reinvented


Test results cooling 50 and 50+50 watt

In total we run 10 measurements. The first set is at a heat production of 50 and 50+50 watt, the second is at a heat production of 100 and 100+100 watt. We run the first set with the fans spinning at low speed, the second one at high speed. We accomplish this by setting the voltage of the fans to 7 and 12 volts respectively.

50 W 7 V case, CPU

Phanteks clearly designed the Evolv Shift X for water cooling, so our expectations are not very high for our regular test setup, which usually sees the best results with a good airflow. If we measure at a low heat production of only the ‘CPU’, we still find the Phanteks Evolv Shift X in the middle of the graph. We do see that the ‘processor’ becomes hotter, slightly more than 50 degrees.

50+50 W 7 V case, CPU, GPU

When we add a separate ‘GPU’ to the test setup, we find the Phanteks Evolv Shift X a lot lower in the graphs, with a temperature just shy of 38 degrees.

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Phanteks Evolv Shift X

Mini ITX, Black/Anthracite, Window, 2 fans

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