AOC PDS241 review: Porsche design

Extraordinary monitor convinces, not only due to its looks


Colour quality

We already mentioned it in the introduction and now we're going to elaborate on it. The AOC PDS241 not only features a nice design, but AOC has also spent time on the quality of the image shown on the AH-IPS panel. This is reflected in the colour quality test results. It's also worth noting that this monitor comes with an sRGB mode, in addition to standard mode. Unfortunately the mode does not really improve the results, while the brightness cannot be changed in this mode - the brightness is also on the high side, at nearly 270 nits. Luckily there isn't much wrong with the standard mode, where you don't have to work around this limitation.

Let's start by taking a look at how much the AOC PDS241 covers the sRGB colour space. In standard mode we measure 99.8% and in sRGB we measure 99.9%. These are fine scores. In reality the colour space is quite a bit larger, however because not every vertex of the sRGB triangle is fully covered, the coverage is lower percentage-wise.

The second thing we measure is the colour temperature of white at standard settings. We measured 6417K, a value that is close to the desired 6500K. In sRGB the result is even better, at 6532K.

We were already measuring the colour- and grayscale value deviation based on the CIE2000 norm (we used the CIE1994 norm for a long time), but with the new test method we also add in the standard deviation. Simply put this gives an indication of the amount at which the sub-measurements that the average deviations are based on, deviate from the average measurement. Aside from that the averages are now based on a bigger number of sub-measurements. These can be found with the screenshots for every tested product. There you can also find the so-called saturation sweeps, that show to what extent the head- and support colours, meaning RGB and CMY, deviate from the desired values in a continuum. 

In standard mode the colour deviation (DeltaE) based on the CIE2000 norm is only 2.65 on average. The standard deviation of 1.12 is exceptionally low: there is little variance between the individual measurements and the deviation of there measurements is small. In sRGB mode we, remarkably enough, measured a higher deviation of 2.83, with a standard deviation of 1.07.

The calibration of the brightness and grays are also excellent. We measure an average deviation of 2.41 in standard mode and a very small standard deviation of 0.55. In sRGB the score is not as impressive, however 3.02 remains a respectably small deviation and the SD of 0.74 is also not high at all.

Standard and sRGB

Below you can find the individual measurements of both modes. You can clearly see that the greens and reds are more saturated than per sRGB's guidelines - remarkably enough this is also the case in the sRGB mode, which doesn't actually add a lot. Cyan is really the only colour that clearly deviates, the rest of the deviations aren't too bad - the higher deviations of green and red make for a slightly over-saturated image, however this is not disturbing in practice and we think that many people will actually appreciate it: photos 'pop' a bit more.

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  • AOC PDS241
  • AOC PDS241
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  • AOC PDS241


The gamma value of the PDS241 also cannot be faulted much. It's slightly too high on average in standard mode, however the deviation is small. The result is mostly an impression of a better black value, at the cost of details in dark areas, however it's not really not even worth mentioning. In sRGB mode we measure a comparable value, however the curve is a bit better.

Standard and sRGB gamma

Iiyama G-Master Silver Crow GB2783QSU-B1



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