AOC PDS241 review: Porsche design

Extraordinary monitor convinces, not only due to its looks


Brightness and contrast

The maximum brightness of the AOC PDS241 of 282 cd/m2 is perfectly in line with other models.

The minimum brightness is on the high side however: we measured just shy of 100 nits, which would be unpleasantly bright in a completely dark environment. As long as you don't plan on using the display in the dark, we wouldn't be worried about this value however - presumably you won't do that as quickly with this monitor anyway, compared to a gaming monitor for example.

We measured a brightness of 0.15 cd/m2 for black, when white was set to 150 cd/m2. If we turn the brightness up to 100% we measure 0.3 cd/m2, which is twice as bright. This is in line with what you can expect from an IPS panel. This technology isn't exactly known for its excellent black values, however as the graphs clearly show, there are plenty of models with exactly the same values.

The contrast produced by the AOC PDS241 is far more important than the previous values, and it turns out that it does a good job. In most of the various measurements, including the hardest checkerboard procedure, we measure 1000:1 or higher. We do have to note that this monitor was driven as a TV at the time of testing with an Nvidia graphics card - since it was connected through HDMI. This causes a large dip in contrast, since in this case both at the top and bottom of the brightness range part of the signal is cut off. This is due to the driver and not the monitor, however it is something to keep in mind when connecting this monitor via HDMI - weirdly enough this is not something we always run into when connecting a monitor in this manner. If the blacks are very gray, we suggest checking your driver. We didn't have any problems with the AMD card in our test system, however it seems that the same problems could also occur with AMD cards. 



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