DiRT 4 review: benchmarks with 19 graphics cards

Codemasters' latest racing game tested


Maximum settings per graphics card

On page two we have included screenshots that show the difference in quality between the different settings. Below you can find the maximum settings the different graphics cards that we tested can manage, considering the minimum of (nearly) 60 frames per second.

Graphics card Medium Ultra
R7 370 Full HD -
R9 380 WQHD -
R9 390X Ultra HD Full HD
R9 Fury X Ultra HD WQHD
RX 550 - -
RX 570 4GB WQHD Full HD
RX 580 8GB Ultra HD Full HD
GTX 760 WQHD -
GTX 770 WQHD -
GTX 780 WQHD -
GTX 960 2GB WQHD -
GTX 970 Ultra HD Full HD
GTX 980 Ti Ultra HD WQHD
GTX 1050 Ti WQHD -
GTX 1060 3GB Ultra HD Full HD
GTX 1060 6GB Ultra HD Full HD
GTX 1070 Ultra HD WQHD
GTX 1080 Ultra HD WQHD
GTX 1080 Ti Ultra HD Ultra HD

Below you can find what graphics card you need at the very least in order to play at a certain combination of resolution and settings for image quality at a minimum of (nearly) 60 fps. .

  Medium Ultra
Full HD R7 370 / GTX 760 RX 570 / GTX 1060 3GB
WQHD R7 370 / GTX 760 R9 Fury X / GTX 1070
Ultra HD RX 580 / GTX 1060 3GB - / GTX 1080 Ti

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