Gigabyte B250N Phoenix WiFi review: a lot of ITX for your money

Cheaper still and even more refined


Benchmarks (CPU)

We start off with a couple of benchmarks that mainly measure CPU performance. The differences between the motherboards are small in most tests, but we do see a difference between boards that do and do not follow Intel's turbo-specifications. Some boards use the maximum turbo speed meant for a single core, on all cores. The result is a faster, but also less power efficient system, as we will see later. It should be noted that this 'aggressive turbo' can be enabled or disabled in the BIOS if you so desire. 

The Gigabyte B250N Phoenix WiFi is one of the fastest boards that follows Intel's turbo-specifications. 

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Gigabyte B250N Phoenix WiFi

Mini ITX, Socket 1151, Intel B250, DDR4

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