Gigabyte B250N Phoenix WiFi review: a lot of ITX for your money

Cheaper still and even more refined



The Gigabyte B250N Phoenix WiFi is a worthy successor to the popular B150-version. You have to look closely to find the differences – with the exception of the addition of rgb-lighting. Nevertheless there certainly are differences to be found: the USB 3.1-connectors are faster, DVI is traded for DisplayPort and all fan connectors now support PWM. Aside from that, the WiFi-chip received a small upgrade and now supports MU-MIMO.

This is the icing on the cake for what was already an excellent story: Gigabyte seriously offers a lot of value for money. We do not know of any alternatives with the same price that also offer USB 3.1, an M.2-slot and onboard WiFi. The purchase of a Gigabyte B250N Phoenix WiFi is 107 pounds / 120 euros well spent.

Is this the ultimate Kaby Lake Mini-ITX-motherboard? Not always, because it is not suited for overclocking or prolonged heavy load – although the former is impossible due to the chipset anyway – and the audio enthusiast might want to invest a bit more. However, for the average user it is and will be a very inexpensive purchase.

Gigabyte B250N Phoenix WiFi

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Gigabyte B250N Phoenix WiFi

Mini ITX, Socket 1151, Intel B250, DDR4

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