Four short throw projectors review

Projecting at a short distance


Optoma GT5000

Like the Acer U5520B, the Optoma GT5000 is a model that is mainly meant for the business market. Optoma let us know that the GT5000 with an average price of 1181 pounds / 1320 euros will be succeeded by a new model with comparable specifications sometime in the near future. Nevertheless, the GT5000 will still be available for some time to come.

Optoma GT5000

The GT5000 is a flat projector, with a small mirror that is truly placed inside the case. According to the specifications the projector can project images with a diagonal of 80 to 100 inch (200 to 254 cm), which is a relatively small range. During our test we noted that the device has some difficulty with showing a completely sharp image. Either the top or bottom was not completely sharp, especially at a short distance. The edges of the image are also convex with the GT5000. Not shocking, but still visible for the critical viewer.

The Optoma GT5000 stands out because of its high brightness, the highest of all of the tested models. The contrast is slightly disappointing with a measured value of 993:1. The gray view of the projector is extremely good, grayscale is displayed correctly without any colour cast. The colour quality is not great in standard mode. The projector uses a colour wheel with a white segment, which results in the colours being shown too dark relatively speaking.

Optoma GT5000

If we turn off the ‘brilliant colour’ function, the maximum brightness decreases by over a third, but the colour quality improves considerably. The GT5000 manages to process video well and is also rather quiet. The input lag in all measured modes is 34 ms, a reasonable score.


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