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Projecting at a short distance


LG PF1000U

The PF1000U is the odd one out in this test for multiple reasons. This ultra short throw projector with an average price of 1011 pounds / 1130 euros is – in contrast with the other two models in this test – truly meant for home use. Aside from that it is the only projector that uses an LED light source, instead of a traditional UHP lamp. An advantage of this is that the RGB leds pulsate light one at a time, which makes the use of a colour wheel unnecessary and results in a lot more efficient power consumption.

LG PF1000U

Furthermore the projector has a built-in media player and DVB-T tuner and even support for miracast is not absent. The projector can stream sound to a speakerset or headphone via Bluetooth.

The LED engine in the PF1000U has its advantages and disadvantages. As stated before the projector is very economic when it comes to power usage and the LED module has a stated lifespan of 30.000 hours, a factor 10 more than most devices with an UHP lamp. On the other hand, the absolute brightness is disappointing. LG claims 1000 lumen, a third of what the other projectors in this test achieve. In practice we see a bigger difference: the PF1000U produces about a quarter of the brightness that the competitors can.

The black values disappoint as well, which results in a very disappoint contrast of only 167:1. The gradient is disappointing as well, especially because red is relatively under saturated which results in a slight blue cast. The colour quality is fairly good. Note that the saturation of red is very high, higher than necessary for the Rec.709 and sRGB standards.

LG PF1000U

The image that the PF1000U projects shows a slight distortion along the edges, and the sharpness is unfortunately not completely uniform. While the device only uses 83 watt even in the brightest mode, the PF1000U still uses a clearly audible fan. The input lag is 47 ms in all modes, which makes the projector less suited for demanding gamers.

Where the PF1000U does shine is in the area of image processing, where LG was clearly able to use their television knowledge. The miracast and Bluetooth audio functions can also be seen as added value depending on the use case.


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