Four short throw projectors review

Projecting at a short distance


BenQ W1210ST

The BenQ W1210ST is the only regular short throw projector in this test. This is a model without mirror that does not some distance to the screen. As an example: while the back of the other three projectors has to be about 40 centimeters away from the screen in order to project an image with a diagonal of 60 inch (153 cm), this monitor needs at least 120 centimer or a factor three increase. This means that the BenQ W1210ST is not a model that you can place directly against the wall, but rather in front of you on the coffee table.

BenQ W1210ST

Save for its shorter projection distance, the W1210S is actually a regular projector. The lens has 1.2x zoom and the device can be used standing and hanging. There is basically no lens distortion with this model and the sharpness is uniform and excellent as well.

BenQ primarily targets gamers with the W1210ST and with that home users. The image quality of the monitor that has an average price of 940 pounds / 1050 euros is excellent. The brightness is solid and the contrast is the highest of all tested models at a value of 2808:1. The rendering of gray is good and the colour quality is the best of the tested models as well. The image processing is good, although the W12010ST is not as good as the LG model. The W1210ST is fairly quiet and in the game mode the input lag is only 16 ms. This is an excellent score that definitely makes the device suited for gamers.

BenQ W1210ST


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