Four short throw projectors review

Projecting at a short distance


The test

For this test we looked for short throw and – preferably – ultra short throw models with a friendly price tag. The offer is limited and the prices are higher than those of regular projectors. As such, the average store prices of the tested models range from about 940 pounds / 1050 euros to nearly 1253 pounds / 1400 euros. These prices are considerably higher than those of comparable long throw projectors.

Three manufacturers sent us an ultra short throw projector, namely Acer, LG and Optoma. Epson only has short throw projectors for the business and education market that they do not supply to regular consumers and BenQ does not offer any ultra short throw projectors at the time of writing. BenQ did sent us a ‘regular’ short throw model, which is the middle ground in terms of projection distance between an ultra short throw projector and a regular projector.

We tested all projectors on brightness, contrast, gradient, gamma and colour quality. For this we used the Spectracal Calman 5 calibration software in combination with an X-Rite i1Pro 2 spectrophotometer. Aside from that we judged the image processing based on the HD HQV 2.0 benchmark. We also measured the power consumption, noise levels and input lag of every projector.


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