Mice infestation: 37 gaming mice review

37 gaming mice of 15 brands tested


ASUS: ROG Spatha

The ROG Spatha is an eye-catching wireless gaming mouse of ASUS, with an average price of 163 pounds / 180 euros. As is to be expected of ASUS in 2017, the device has rgb-lighting. Compared with the rest of the mice in this test, the Spatha is fairly big and with nearly 180 gram also weighs more than average - in part because of the battery. The mouse comes with a charging base, which also houses the integrated wireless receiver. 

ASUS RoG Spatha

On the Spatha we count a total of six extra buttons near the thumb, while on the left of the left mouse button there are two extra buttons. With the extensive software you can program these for a whole range of actions and macros, something MMO-gamers will appreciate. Furthermore a complete accessory package is included with Omron-switches for below the primary buttons, so that you can change the feel to your own liking. The ROG Spatha mainly stands out because of the very low lift-off distance of 0.72 mm, but suffers from light acceleration when not used on the smooth cloth mouse pad. 

ASUS RoG Spatha

ASUS RoG Spatha


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