Mice infestation: 37 gaming mice review

37 gaming mice of 15 brands tested


Test method

For this test we use a new test method that our test lab has been working on for a long time. In a fully standardized way we can now test different aspects, such as acceleration and the maximum speed of the sensor. 

Acceleration is often seen as a downside. This means that if you move the mouse faster, a longer distance is traveled on the monitor, although the distance traveled on your mouse pad is exactly the same. For gaming this is an undesirable side effect, because the movement of your cursor becomes unpredictable which means aiming is more difficult. The opposite effect - when the mouse movement becomes slower with a faster movement - is called deacceleration or negative acceleration. 

Corsair Gaming M65 Pro RGB Black
Thanks to our new test method we can measure the sensor performance in various ways.

Aside from that we measure the maximum speed that the sensor is capable of registering. We use the rule of thumb that anything faster than three meters per second is adequate. A lower maximum speed means that your action with a fast movement might not be registered or registered inaccurately. This is a serious downside for a gaming mouse. 

The aforementioned things are tested using three different mouse pads and also using two settings: 800 dpi and the maximum dpi of the mouse. Furthermore we also measure the lift-off distance, the distance that you have to lift your mouse in order for it to stop registering. A low lift-off distance is useful for low-sense gamers that often lift their mouse because they play using a low sensitivity. Lastly we also assess how well the shape of the mouse is suited for low-sense use - do you have to squeeze it in order to lift it, or was this clearly kept in mind when designing the mouse?


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