Mice infestation: 37 gaming mice review

37 gaming mice of 15 brands tested


Zowie: EC, FK and ZA

BenQ, nowadays the owner of the gaming brand Zowie, sent us a total of eight different mice. These are basically three different models: the EC, the FK and the ZA. The different model numbers within these series indicate some subtle differences in terms of size, but they are identical otherwise. Therefore we only put one iteration of every model through our test method. 

Zowie FK1+ Black
The Zowie FK1+.

The Zowie-mice are all relatively simple in terms of design, where the FK- and ZA-series can be used by right- and left handed people. All mice use the same optical Avago ADNS-3310-sensor and they all cost the same as well: between 59 pounds / 65 euros and 63 pounds / 70 euros. The design of the EC-series is slightly taller which makes it suited for a palmgrip and is meant for right handed use. Thanks to the shorter back of the FK, that mouse is a favorite among clawgrippers. The ZA-series on the other hand fits better with a palmgrip. 

Zowie EC2-A Black Zowie ZA13 Black
The Zowie EC2-A and ZA13.

In terms of features the offer is not that big, but that is by design. Things such as supplied software, weights and profiles are not to be expected with Zowie. Especially because of their low lift-off distance the Zowie mice have a certain status. Our test results confirm this: the lift-off distance is barely any higher than a single millimeter. However, the registered speeds are consequently just shy of three meters per second and the EC2-A barely worked at the high dpi-setting on our hard plastic mouse pad. If we combine the not-so-special performance with the minimum featureset and relatively high price, we cannot really recommend these. 


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