Mice infestation: 37 gaming mice review

37 gaming mice of 15 brands tested


Every mouse squeeks differently

Nevertheless there are quite a few other things that allow a gaming mouse to distinguish itself. It is not without reason that the prices of the tested mice vary wildly. 

We see a few main designs. Some models are as no-nonsense as possible, and usually only have buttons for the dpi-setting and next/previous. If you are left handed, this category is also one of the few options. This is because these mice are mostly symmetric and can therefore be used with both hands. The rodents with a slightly more ergonomic design or with more buttons can almost always only be used by right handed people. 

ASUS RoG Spatha
A lot of mice can only be used by right handed people.

Another important aspect to consider when choosing a mouse is how you hold it. There are three so-called 'grips': the palmgrip, clawgrip and the fingertipgrip. The palmgrip is by far the most common one and means that the palm of your hand rests on the mouse, meaning it is often seen as the most relaxing grip. However, a lot of gamers prefer the clawgrip, where the fingers are in an angle of 90 degrees and the mouse is held by a claw as it were. This supposedly allows for more precise control. Lastly, there is also the fingertipgrip. Only the fingertips touch the mouse. Some prefer this, because you can easily speed up the mouse. 

People that prefer the palmgrip usally have ergonomic mice, these are slightly longer and wider in order to fully support the palm of your hand. For the clawgrip you need a slightly less tall and shorter mouse, while the fingertipgrip is often only used with very small mice.  

Gaming mice: also for non-gamers

We keep talking about gaming mice, but this type of mice is not only popular with gamers. The high precision and many possibilities of gaming mice also attracts different audiences, such as video editors, designers and even business users. The macro buttons on a lot of gaming mice are useful in extensive software packages and video-editors can easily 'snipe' a single frame in their timeline. In short, a gaming mouse can even be interesting for non-gamers. 


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