Seagate Barracuda 4TB (ST4000DM005) review

Fresh 4TB-drive for your data


Test results: PCMark 7 (subscores)

The Windows Defender test is based on a trace where Windows Defender performs a quick scan of a system.

The importing pictures test is based on a trace where a USB-stick with 68 photos (totalling 434 MB) is imported to Windows Live Photo Gallery, which involves the images being copied and indexed, as well as the generation of thumbnails.

The video editing test is based on a trace where an HD-video is exported from Windows Live Movie Maker. This film is based on previously imported 1080i MPEG2 videos from a Sony HDR-HC3 camera.

The Windows Media Center test is based on the usage of a Media Center PC with two DVB-T tuners. First, part of a broadcast is recorded, after which the recording is stopped. Then, while the recording is being played back, two other channels are being recorded.

The adding music test is basesed on Windows Media Player. During this test, 68 GB worth of music files (lossless WMA) from another drive is indexed. Note that reading the WMA files is not a part of the trace, as they were located on a different drive. The trace only contains the hard drive activity that occurs when the Windows Media Player database is being updated.

The starting applications test is based on opening a very complex HTML document, including all related files, in Internet Explorer. All relevant files are stored on the hard drive.

The gaming test is based on a trace where a level of World of Warcraft is loaded in its entirety.

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Seagate BarraCuda New 4TB

Hard disk, 4000 GB, 5900 rpm, Serial ATA 600, 3.5 inch

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