Intel Core i9 7900X Skylake-X & Core i7 7740X Kaby Lake-X review: rushed release raises the bar

Intel reinforces lead and introduces most unnecessary CPU ever


Power consumption

Last but not least the power consumption. We measure this using different methods. Note that in every case we show the power consumption of the entire test system, not only the CPU.

First of all we show the maximum power consumption during the Cinebench 15 benchmark. This is done with the energy profile set to High performance, at which the benchmarks were done, as well as with the energy profile set to Balanced. In both cases we end up at 215 watt. This is very high for a consumer processor and a lot less economic than the Ryzen 7 1800X and the top model of the X99-generation. Increasing the clock speed on a processor with this many cores clearly takes its toll.

Furthermore we measure the average power consumption during the 3DMark Skydiver (only for CPUs with an integrated GPU) and Adobe Premiere Pro benchmarks. Once again the high power consumption of the Core i9 7900X stands out.

The last two graphs show the idle power consumption, both with the energy profile set to balanced as well as with the energy profile set to high performance. In both cases the idle power consumption of 40 watt is pretty high, but not unreasonably so.

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