Linksys Velop review: WiFi via mesh

With mesh-technology you bring WiFi everywhere



With Velop, Linksys offers a very user-friendly system than can cover your entire house in a fast WiFi-network. The biggest advantage is the ease of use. The multi-language interface makes building a network a pleasant experience, even for the non-experienced user. This is an advantage for that sort of user, but the more experienced and demanding user will miss the more extensive functionality of the classic router with web interface.

Fortunately, Linksys recently added a basic web interface via firmware update as an extra, in addition to the user friendly apps. This enables you to configure Velop from your regular PC, adjusting settings such as DHCP, DMZ and DNS. Still, functionality is limited compared to a more traditional Linksys router, meaning Velop is mostly suitable if you prefer ease of use over depth of configuration options.

The throughput of the nodes is slightly lower than what we see with the Netgear Orbi. However, the speed is more than sufficient for most applications, unless you are planning heavy (download) workloads. For average internet usage, the speed of Velop is more than enough.

In our opinion, Velop is not a product that we would recommend to a true network-nerd. However, it is an excellent product for people that have less extensive wishes with respect to their WiFi-network. That said, the average price is very high for that target audience at 510 pounds / 571 euros. If you take a closer look in our Price Comparison you can purchase it for less, making the price more reasonable in our opinion. This puts the price closer to a high-end tri-band router. In our opinion the advantages of Velop are, compared with a high-end tri-band router, more than enough to prefer this system- provided that you can live with its limitations. 

Note from the editor: this article has been updated since its original publication to reflect the added functionality of the firmware update featuring the new web interface.


three products discussed in this review

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Linksys Velop 1-pack

Wireless, 802.11ac, 400 Mbit/s, 1734 Mbit/s, Mesh-ondersteuning

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Avg. £199.99
4 shops, 3x stock

Linksys Velop 2-pack

Wireless, 802.11ac, 400 Mbit/s, 867 Mbit/s, Mesh-ondersteuning


Linksys Velop Tri Band AC2200 3-pack

Wireless, 802.11ac, 400 Mbit/s, 867 Mbit/s, Mesh-ondersteuning

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Avg. £359.99
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