Linksys Velop review: WiFi via mesh

With mesh-technology you bring WiFi everywhere


Getting started

Setting up Linksys Velop is very simple. You do not need to set up a WiFi-connection with the first node, as the first steps are done via Bluetooth using an application on your phone. This app is central in the use of Velop. 

The installation is simple.

An advantage of the app is that it can be set in different languages. This makes it easier for the regular user to install and configure the system. Users that have worked with a router before will have to miss a profound web interface with a lot of adjustability.

A web interface is absent.

However, the app interface is by no means as limited as for example the Netgear Orbi. You can set port forwarding and parental control, among other things. It is also possible to prioritize a maximum of three devices. Extensive possibilities such as built-in VPN-access and dynamic DNS are missing. Recently Linksys added the possibility to connect Velop via bridging, which allows you to leave your current router in the network and place Velop behind it. However, if you want extensive possibilities for managing your WiFi-network, Velop and the corresponding app are not the most obvious choice. 

Port forwarding and control mechanisms are possible with the app.

Update September 2017

Since our original test, Linksys improved a lot in the Velop firmware. By now the brand has added configuration options for DHCP, DNS and DMZ. More importantly, it has added a web interface. This makes it possible to adjust settings from your desktop or laptop system, meaning management has improved significantly. We hope Linksys will continue to add new functionality to Velop, as the available settings are still not on par with what we have grown accustomed to from this brand. Still, it is an easy to use product, suitable for users without a lot of technical know-how. If you want a lot of configuration options, this still is not the first choice.


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