AMD Ryzen 5 vs. Intel Core i5 in games: the conclusion

Which CPU is the best choice for gaming?


Benchmarks: Civilization VI

Civilization mainly relies on the processor and scales excellently with multiple cores, which means that the Ryzen 5 1600X scores better as long as the graphical settings aren't cranked up too much. The RX 580 and GTX 1060 are basically equal if paired with an Intel processor, however in combination with Ryzen the RX 580 outperforms the Nvidia card.

If we look at the frame times, Nvidia wins at Full HD medium. The Ryzen CPU does offer the best frame times though, regardless of the GPU.

Frame times (lower is better)

  Core i5 7600K Ryzen 5 1600X % Intel vs. AMD
  GTX 1060 RX 580 GTX 1060 RX 580 GTX 1060 RX 580
Civilization VI 1080p medium 20.2 ms 20.9 ms 17.8 ms 18.3 ms -13% -14%
Civilization VI 1080p ultra 22.4 ms 21.1 ms 22.2 ms 21.4 ms -1% 1%
Civilization VI 1440p medium 18.8 ms 21.3 ms 18.6 ms 18.3 ms -1% -16%
Civilization VI 1440p ultra 22.8 ms 23.9 ms 24.5 ms 23.5 ms 7% -2%


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