12 cases review: Glass House for your pc

Glass panels are quickly becoming cheaper


Test results cooling 400 watt

The second set of the four tests is performed while generating 400 watts worth of heat. This makes it significantly harder for cases to eliminate the heat from the systems.

400 W 12 V

With a heat production that is twice as high we see that the top-3 can distinguish themselves more clearly, and that the Corsair and Phanteks stay ahead of the Sharkoon by quite a bit as well. The NZXT and Anidées are able to keep up, while the rest is having a difficult time. Nevertheless the measured temperatures of the bottom six are still acceptable, although we would strongly consider water cooling and / or extra fans here.

400 W 7 V

When we have the fans running at low speeds we come to our most difficult test. The Corsair 570X is the clear winner, the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX is a solid second and the Sharkoon keeps performing very well. 

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