12 cases review: Glass House for your pc

Glass panels are quickly becoming cheaper


Test results cooling 200 watt

In total we run four measurements. The first set is at a heat production of 200 watt, the second is at a heat production of 400 watt. Both sets are run with the fans at low and high speeds. We accomplish this by setting the voltage of the fans to 7 and 12 volts respectively. When a case has temperatures above 30 degrees in the first set (200 watt), we usually do not proceed with the second set (400 watt). When the temperatures go beyond 40 degrees, we usually stop the test.

200 W 12 V

At a heat production of 200W with the fans at full speed the Corsair 570X and the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX are clearly the number one and two, but the Sharkoon DG7000-G surprises – considering the price difference – and is able to keep up. The NZXT S340 also manages to keep the temperature below 25 degrees, the Anidées ends up slight above that. Nevertheless this heat production is not too much for any of these cases.

200 W 7 V

If we have the fans running at low speeds, we see that the In Win 303 is having a difficult time, the gap between the Corsair and the Phanteks increases slightly and the S340 falls off a bit, but does still clearly stay ahead of the rest of the competition.

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