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Throttling test

Since the various turbo technologies are becoming more and more advanced, sufficient cooling to keep clock speeds at a high level is becoming more relevant for the actual performance of the cards during gaming sessions. If a card were to start thermal throttling after a couple of minutes, the performance would naturally decrease as well. For this reason we're now also performing a throttling test, that will determine whether the performance of a card stays consistent, even after a long period of gaming.

The throttling test consists of our F1 2015 benchmark, looped seventeen times, which takes about 30 minutes. In the meantime we monitor the clock speeds and temperatures by writing them off to a log file each second. Afterwards we analyze the data, to make the graph below.

We can see in the graph that the GTX 1050 from Gigabyte managed to achieve a horizontal line, after dialing back a bit in the first five minutes. The clock speeds of the MSI and KFA2 cards vary a bit more.


On average all cards end up at about 1660 MHz. The 1050 Ti is clocked lower by default, which means that relatively speaking the MSI card performs the best, despite the fact that it has the lowest clock speeds. Once again we see that we shouldn't focus too much on clock speeds found in the specifications, now that GPU Boost is a thing.

Average MSI GTX 1050 Ti LP Gigabyte GTX 1050 OC LP KFA2 GTX 1050 Ti
0-2 min 1683 MHz 1710 MHz 1671 MHz
2-5 min 1665 MHz 1682 MHz 1659 MHz
5-10 min 1665 MHz 1671 MHz 1648 MHz
10-20 min 1665 MHz 1661 MHz 1647 MHz
20-28 min 1666 MHz 1658 MHz 1648 MHz


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