Corsair K95 Platinum review: hail the new king

The new mechanical flagship from Corsair tested


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As we're used to seeing from Corsair's K-series the top plate of the K95 Platinum is fully made of aluminum, while the bottom has been made of plastic. All in all the keyboard is very sturdy, as it barely, if at all, flexes when a decent amount of force is applied. In other ares the build quality is also excellent, from the metal volume scrolling wheel to the detachable wrist rest. By the way, the latter feels significantly better than the wrist rests that were included with previous models. Not only is it heavier, but the top side now features a thick piece of rubber instead of a thin rubber layer. This makes the wrist rest very comfortable in use and it also gives it a more luxurious feeling.

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Cherry MX Speed (US)
The volume scrolling wheel is made of metal.

Our review sample came with Cherry MX Speed switches, which we've already seen before on the Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire. Compared to the 'traditional switches' this type of switch is most similar to Cherry MX Red, however it's been customized so that gamers can react even faster. An MX Red switch actuates when it is pressed down 2 mm, however this has been brought down to 1.2 mm on MX Speed switches. Cherry also claims that the switch will depress extremely quickly. They claim a bounce time of less than a 1 millisecond, however this is of course quite hard to verify. Just like the Cherry MX Red, the switch is linear and it requires 45 cN of force to actuate, which is equal to about 46 grams. The  MX Speed switches are clearly made for gamers, as the faster activation can cause more typos in the beginning compared to regular switches. This is probably just a question of getting used to the switch however.

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Cherry MX Speed (US)
Due to the faster registration the MX Speed switches will probably cause more typos in the beginning.

The K95 Platinum uses the Cherry stabilizers, which means that keycaps can be removed and put back on very easily. Unfortunately the bottom row of keys still does not feature standard-sized keys, which means that the majority of custom keysets won't fit. Like most other manufacturers Corsair has opted for black ABS keycaps, which is quite a shame in our opinion. At this price point, we'd expect double-shot keycaps or keycaps made from more premium materials such as PBT or POM. Enthusiasts will still have to look at keyboards from niche manufacturers, if they want stock keycaps like that, however these tend to be much harder to get. The font on the keycaps is relatively big and striking. This does give the keyboard a distinct gamer feel, however the keycaps do allow for more RGB backlighting to shine through.

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Cherry MX Speed (US)
Large keys feature Cherry stabilizers.

The macro keys feature textured keycaps, which means that you can feel whether you're pressing the control key or the lowest macro key, without looking. Textured keycaps are also included for keys that are often used in games, such as the WASD cluster. The same pattern is also present on the space bar, however there is no clear added value here.

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Cherry MX Speed (US)
Both the macro keys and the space bar come with textured keycaps out-of-the-box.

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