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We already mentioned the macro keys, however in terms of extra functionality the Corsair K95 Platinum goes even further. First of all, this keyboard features RGB backlighting, which is not limited to just the keys. The top side features a translucent bar with nineteen RGB LEDs in it. In the middle we find the Corsair logo and of course RGB backlights behind it. You have to decide for yourself whether you like all of this RGB madness, however in terms of design and finishing touches there is little that you can fault this device for.

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Cherry MX Speed (US)
The top side features a translucent bar with nineteen LEDs in it.

A USB passthrough port can also be found on the top side of the keyboard, however unfortunately this port does still use the relatively old USB 2.0 standard. If you want to use this port, you will have to connect the keyboard with two USB ports. This is done with a fairly thick and sturdy braided cable, which by the way is not detachable. The device is well-built, however as we said before with previous models from Corsair, we'd appreciate some more literal and figurative flexibility. There are some small tracks on the bottom of the keyboard, which for example can be used to route the cable of a headset. It's also important to note that these tracks are not only present on the keyboard itself, but also on the included wrist rest.

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Cherry MX Speed (US)
The cable tracks are present on both the keyboard and the wrist rest.

In addition to the design and the included wrist rest, the K-series also differentiates itself from the lower-positioned Strafe series by the presence of separate media keys. We are happy to report that they are also present on the K95 Platinum, in fact they are a bit better compared to previous models. The four buttons placed directly above the number pad are now a bit taller, which means that they don't fall off too much compared to the relatively high mechanical keys. Three more buttons can also be found in the top left: a button that allows you to switch between user profiles, a button to adjust the brightness of the backlights and a button that disables the Windows key, to avoid accidental presses when gaming.

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Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Cherry MX Speed (US)

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