600-650W power supplies review: 46 models compared

Taking a look at the 'sweet spot'


Physical characteristics

With a power supply it is not all about the efficiency and the noise levels, what is also important is if it actually fits in your case, if there are enough connectors and if the cables are long enough. We limited this test to the ATX-power supplies. SFX-power supplies and other models for smaller cases were not included.

All power supplies have an acceptable cable length for the ATX- and CPU-connector, with exception of the ATX-connector of the Sharkoon SHP650 650W, which is shorter than we like to see. As for Molex, PEG and SATA it is all a bit different: the Fractal Design Integra M 650W has Molex cables that are just a tiny bit too short, same goes for the SATA-cables on the LC-Power LC6650GP4 650W, we would have liked to see them a bit longer. The PEG- and SATA-cables on the Sharkoon are also a bit too short, whereas the Ultron only has PEG-cables that are a bit too short.

Regarding the number of connectors, most power supplies are fine, with a few exceptions. Like the Sharkoon that only has a single PEG-connector. Enough for some GTX 1080 cards, but naturally you will not purchase a 650W for that. There are other power supplies with two PEG-connectors, but these are usually cheaper power supplies from a lower segment. An exception to this is the Cooler Master V-Series 650W, a relatively expensive Gold-power supply that only has two as well.


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