600-650W power supplies review: 46 models compared

Taking a look at the 'sweet spot'


Low load

Efficiency is also important at low load, as for the most part computers are under no load or light load.  Depending on the users goal it can even be more important than the efficiency at high load. However, taking the relatively high wattage of these power supplies into account, this is not the case here.

The Titanium-power supplies show an exceptionally good efficiency. The Silverstone Strider Titanium 600W has an efficiency of 81.8% at 22.5W, compared with the 81.4% for the Seasonic Prime 650W Titanium and 78% for the Enermax Platimax DF 600W.

The Titanium-power supplies also perform very well at 50W load, a more realistic idle-scenario for power supplies with this capacity. Right now the Seasonic is in first place with 89.8% efficiency and it is followed by the rather affordable Cooler Master B600 V2 600W, that reaches an efficiency of 89.1%. Third place goes to the Silverstone Strider Titanium 600W, with 87.4% efficiency.

Surprisingly the Cooler Master V-Series 650W does not impress when it comes to a lower load, while the 550W variant stood out in this category. Clearly they have a different design, which unfortunately does not leave a very good impression when it comes to the lower load.


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