Intel Core i3 7350K review: dual-core overclocking monster

Overclockable budget CPU


Benchmarks: Handbrake (x264/x265)

With the popular tool Handbrake we convert thirty minutes of 1080p video to x264 and x265, two codecs based on H.264 and HEVC, aka H.265. We fully disabled GPU acceleration with the normal tests, both for decoding and encoding. This means that the CPU cores are responsible for the entire task. In the second test we enabled hardware acceleration for both encoding and decoding. The multithreading of x264 is excellent, however the settings that Handbrake passes to the program tend to be suboptimal, which means that certain parts of cores will remain unused. This is mainly the case with processors that features a lot of cores, such as AMD Ryzen and the Intel X99 processors.

In the x264 test the Core i3 7350K is 9% faster than its predecessor,  x265 shows slightly worse scaling with 7%. The graphs show that you benefit a lot more from more cores when transcoding video material: even the older i5 remain out of reach. The i3 is very fast though, when we let the video chip do the work through Quicksync.

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