Intel Core i3 7350K review: dual-core overclocking monster

Overclockable budget CPU


Benchmarks: Cinebench 15 (single/multi)

Cinebench 15 is a benchmark based on the Maxon Cinema 4D professional 3D-rendering software. Cinebench is fully multi-threaded, which means it scaled very well on multi-core processors.

The single-threaded score is basically equal to that of the i5 7600K, which features the same single-core turbo speed (the i3 does not have a turbo speed at all and constantly runs at 4.2 GHz). The one-point difference is caused, in our eyes, by the smaller L3-cache of the Core i3. The step up compared to the Skylake-based i3 6320 can be explained fully by the increase in clock speed. 

In the multi-threaded test the i3 7350K scores 459 points, which is 7% higher compared to the aforementioned Skylake i3.

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