Intel Core i3 7350K review: dual-core overclocking monster

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Overclocking test: 5 GHz on air cooling

Of course we also tested the most important aspect of the Core i3 7350K, namely the overclocking. The Kaby Lake i5 7600K and i7 7700K already feature impressive overclockability, but this Core i3 shows that it is also not lacking in this area compared to its bigger brothers.

We use a fairly simple Cooler Master TX3 Evo air cooler for our overclocking test, which can be purchased for about 20 pounds. In our opinion it is not realistic to test a product at this price point with a really expensive water cooler. It also turns out that such an expensive cooler is not necessary at all: we easily reached a clock speed of 5 GHz by upping the multiplier to 50. We needed a voltage of 1.36 volts to keep everything stable - which is perfectly fine for 24/7-usage.

Intel Core i3 7350K Boxed
A screenshot of CPU-Z and the Cinebench score at 5 GHz.

With the CPU at 5 GHz and 16 GB DDR4 memory at 3,866 MHz we achieved a Cinebench 15 score of 545 points. That is 86 points higher than the result on standard clocks and it's also nearing the level of the Core i5 6500 from the Skylake generation - mind you, that one is a quad core processor.

Extreme overclockers manage to squeeze even more performance out of the Core i3 7350K. It already became the fastest dual core processor ever with LN2 cooling, thanks to a clock speed of no less than 6.7 GHz. The Cinebench score at that speed was 744 points, which is much higher than what we got. For home users that is of course not realistic, however the Core i3 7350K is definitely a good overclocker.

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Intel Core i3 7350K Boxed

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