Z270 Micro-ATX review: four motherboards compared

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We've tested a couple of Micro-ATX Z270 motherboards. In this article we're discussing one from each of the four big manufacturers: the ASRock Z270M Extreme4, the ASUS Strix Z270G Gaming, the Gigabyte Z270M-D3H and the MSI Z270M Mortar

In general you've got quite a lot of choice if you're looking for a Micro-ATX motherboard. Even though they are quite a bit more compact than ATX models, the shrink in size is not quite as extreme as on Mini-ITX boards, where the shrink results in higher costs and significantly less functionality. For this reason you can choose between higher positioned and cheaper Z270 motherboards, with Micro-ATX boards being on the cheaper side of things. Two of the four boards we're discussing in this article are clearly cheaper, while the two others are positioned higher and therefore more expensive.

The two higher positioned models are the ASUS Strix Z270G Gaming, from the Republic of Gamers series, and the ASRock Z270M Extreme4. In general the Extreme4 boards offer really good bang for the buck, whereas the RoG boards stand out in terms of features. This is also the case here, the Strix Z270G offers nearly as many features as an ATX board, including things like power circuits, while being smaller. The Gigabyte Z270M-D3H and MSI Z270M Mortar are clearly positioned lower: both of them don't support SLI and their audio codec is not quite as good, compared to the ASUS and ASRock boards.

Product Lowest price Average price
ASRock Z270M Extreme4 £144 £154
ASUS Strix Z270G Gaming £172 £185
Gigabyte Z270M-D3H £112 £120
MSI Z270M Mortar £124 £126

We can basically divide our four boards into three segments. The ASUS is clearly the most expensive, followed by the ASRock with a substantially lower price. The MSI and Gigabyte are similar in terms of pricing.

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