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Colour quality

Eizo has a certain reputation to keep in the area of colour quality. For this reason we're very interested in the results.

First off we have coverage of the sRGB colour space on the Eizo EV2456, and we have to say that we have not been disappointed: there's really nothing wrong with 99.8%. In sRGB mode this becomes 99.9%. Only the Samsung C24FG70 managed to achieve better results, thanks to its larger colour space.

The second aspect we look at is the colour temperature of white using default settings. It's set to a nice 6435 on the EV2456, which is very close indeed to the desired 6500K. In sRGB mode we measured 6380K.

We were already measuring the colour- and grayscale value deviation based on the CIE2000 norm (we used the CIE1994 norm for a long time), but with the new test method we also add in the standard deviation. Simply put this gives an indication of the amount at which the sub-measurements that the average deviations are based on, deviate from the average measurement. Aside from that the averages are now based on a bigger number of sub-measurements. These can be found with the screenshots for every tested product. There you can also find the so-called saturation sweeps, that show to what extent the head- and support colours, meaning RGB and CMY, deviate from the desired values in a continuum. 

The EV2456 finishes first in this test, with an average colour deviation of only 1.33 in standard mode. The standard deviation of 0.91 is also exceptionally low. In sRGB mode we measured 1.45, with a standard deviation of 0.87.

The average grey deviation is also of a very high caliber, we measured 1.13 - the difference with the Samsung S24F350FH is too small to be significant. The standard deviation is furthermore the lowest we've measured so far. In sRGB mode we measure a deviation of 1.48 and a standard deviation of 0.41.

Standard and sRGB

You can clearly see the benefits to an Eizo monitor in the screenshots below: the calibration is truly frighteningly accurate. Search through screenshots of test results from other results, but we guarantee you that you'll rarely find results this precise. The colours are exactly what they should be.

  • Eizo EV2456-BK
  • Eizo EV2456-BK
  • Eizo EV2456-BK
  • Eizo EV2456-BK
  • Eizo EV2456-BK
  • Eizo EV2456-BK
  • Eizo EV2456-BK
  • Eizo EV2456-BK


Gamma values are also excellent - there's a very small deviation from the desired value of 2.2, however it's insignificantly small. Furthermore, the standard deviation is extremely low: each of the individual measurements is also very close to what it should be, normally this fluctuates. This can also be seen in the screenshots below.

Standard gamma

Eizo EV2456-BK

sRGB gamma

Eizo EV2456-BK


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