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The uniformity is necessary for consistent colour quality. If the brightness deviations are too big they will visibly show different colours, which of course is something you do not want. We measure 15 different positions and compare the lowest measured value with the highest, as well as the average versus the highest value. The AOC U3277PWQU and the Philips 328P6VJEB are slightly behind the competitors, although the difference is not all that big. Hereafter we take a look at the details.

With the uniformity of black the differences are a lot smaller in absolute numbers – tenths of candelas per square meter – although in terms of percentages it can look worse than it actually is. This is something to bear in mind. Nevertheless, higher values mean less variation. This is something that the AOC and Philips can improve upon. Once again we will take a look at the details below.

Below you can find the detailed results of the 15-points measurements of the AOC and Philips monitors. 

Bear in mind that the colour in the boxes with the uniformity of black, white and the contrast is related to the results of the measurements for that model; not to the absolute values.

  • As far as black goes, the lower the measured value, the better (=greener); if the value is higher this means worse (=redder).
  • For white the colour coding is different, because there we set a specific brightness of 150 cd/m². That is why values that are closer to this setting green, values that are further away become red – the more they deviate the redder they are.
  • As far as contrast is concerned, the highest contrast is green, the lowest is red – the values in between are marked by these colours. Greener is better, redder is worse. We emphasize again that these values are relative: a contrast of 1702:1 is excellent, but if the highest measured contrast is 2581:1, the former value is still marked in red.
  • With the colour temperature the measurements are bluer the lower they are, yellower the higher they are.
  • Last but not least the colour deviation: here you see a number for the DeltaE value in the boxes, where values below three are barely noticeable with the naked eye. The colour of the boxes shows the colour deviation of gray.


Te zien is dat de zwartwaarde varieert van 0,05 cd/m² tot 0,08 cd/m² in de rechterbovenhoek. De kans dat je dat met het blote oog gaat zien is heel klein. Dit is typisch een geval waarin onze relatieve notatie dramatischer is dan de realiteit. Bij de uniformiteit van wit is wel duidelijk zichtbaar dat het scherm aan de linkerkant behoorlijk minder goed verlicht is dan rechts. Dat is een verbeterpunt. Hierdoor zien we in alle hoeken een relatief lager contrast dan in het midden. Voor de kleurweergave heeft het maar beperkt invloed, de kleurtemperatuur varieert van 6101 linksboven tot 5907 rechts. Dat is een relatief klein verschil.

  • AOC U3277PWQU
  • AOC U3277PWQU
  • AOC U3277PWQU
  • AOC U3277PWQU
  • AOC U3277PWQU

Philips 328P6VJEB:

With the Philips monitor we see a comparable black variation, from 0.04 cd/m² to 0.08 cd/m². Again, the brightness of white is quite a lot worse on the left side of the monitor. Nevertheless the contrast is more consistent, only on the bottom left and on the upper right it is way below 2000:1. Again we measure relatively small variations in the colour temperature. The measurements also show that it is primarily the left side that has some values that are too high.

  • Philips 328P6VJEB
  • Philips 328P6VJEB
  • Philips 328P6VJEB
  • Philips 328P6VJEB
  • Philips 328P6VJEB


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