AOC U3277PWQU & Philips 328P6VJEB review: the bar is rising

TPV Tech sets a new standard



AOC and Philips surprise with a 32-inch ultra hd-monitor that is not only relatively cheap, but in both cases also very competitive compared with considerably more expensive models. Where the ips-technique seems to have a monopoly in this segment, TPV Technologies shows through both of their brands that there is definitely room for va-competition. The U3277PWQU and the 328P6VJEB offer the distinguishing black values and the contrast of this technique, but also have excellent colour quality. Especially the Philips 328P6VJEB shows some impressive results in this regard.

There is also some critique and mainly for the uniformity, the configuration of the backlight could be done slightly better by both brands. This means that we do have to warn anyone that is considering these monitors for colour critical work: while these monitors are fine for most purposes, please bear the measured deviation in mind. Nevertheless we would recommend an AdobeRGB-monitor for demanding applications, but there are more than enough graphical applications for which these monitors will suffice.

For other purposes these are simply very excellent monitors. The AOC performs slightly worse across the board, but this mainly stands out because the Philips is just that good. The slightly worse viewing angles and the absence of a rotation function are not really a downside if you do not want to use it for multiple people at the same time, and even though the standard mode is slightly worse the sRGB-mode is fine. Therefore, the AOC U3277PWQU receives a Great Value award – the fact that it costs about the same as the Philips does not mean that it does not offer a lot for its price. That said, the Philips raises the bar on multiple levels, both in terms of out-of-the-box calibration as well as in terms of price-performance ratio. It more than deserves the Excellent Choice award.

Philip 328P6VJEB



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31.5 inch, 3840x2160, 140 ppi, AMVA, 60 Hz, DVI input, HDMI input, DisplayPort input, 4 ms, 350 cd/m², 3000 : 1

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Philips 328P6VJEB

31.5 inch, 3840x2160, 140 ppi, VA, 60 Hz, DVI input, HDMI input, DisplayPort input, 4 ms, 300 cd/m², 3000 : 1

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