14 DDR4 memory kits of 8 to 32 GB review: DDR4 for everyone

Faster memory has its perks, to a certain extent



The American Corsair sent us a special set of memory: the Vengeance LED. These modules support XMP 2.0 and are available in many variants in terms of clock speeds and latencies. The special feature of these modules is the LED lighting on top of the modules. There are variants with red and white lighting; unfortunately it's not RGB lighting that you can freely customize yourself.

Corsair demonstrated the lighting modes at Computex: on or off, and effects such as 'breathing' and flickering. The software was far from finished at the time and at release it was also not yet available. It's possible to change the brightness of the LEDs and you can make the LEDs shine constantly without pulsating using the latest version of Corsair Link. More features will be coming in the feature according to Corsair.

Without the software the modules only have one standard effect, they turn on and off every now and then. The price premium compared to 'normal' memory modules is luckily fairly modest.

Corsair Vengeance LED 32GB DDR4-3200 CL16 quad kit
You can control this LED lighting after installing the update, more features are still coming.

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