NAS HDD review: 18 models compared

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Test results: PCMark8 (subscores)

Batllefield 3

The Battlefield 3 trace consists of starting Battlefield 3, logging in, loading a save game and starting the corresponding level. The trace contains 887 MB of read- and 28 MB of write commands.

World of Warcraft

The World of Warcraft trace consists of starting the game, logging in and starting a level. The trace contains 390 MB of read- and 5 MB of write commands. 

Adobe Photoshop Light

This trace consists of starting Photoshop, opening 14 images and applying seven different operations to each image. The trace contains 313 MB of read- and 2336 MB of write commands. 

Adobe Photoshop Heavy

This trace is based on making edits to a high resolution photo in order to create a hi-res poster for printing. The trace contains 468 MB of read- and 5640 MB of write commands.

Adobe InDesign

In this trace, InDesign is used to make a publication that includes a large amount of images. The trace contains 401 MB of read- and 624 MB of write commands.

Adobe After Effects

In this trace, a previously created video is rendered. The trace contains 311 MB of read- and 16 MB of write commands.

Adobe Illustrator

In this trace, a presentation is created based on a large number of images made in Photoshop. The trace contains 373 MB of read- and 89 of write commands.

Microsoft Word

In this trace a large amount of edits are made to a large academic Word document. The trace contains 107 MB of read- and 95 MB of write commands.

Microsoft Excel

This trace consists of operations on a very large Excel table. The trace contains 73 MB of read- and 15 MB of write commands.

Microsoft PowerPoint

This trace consists of a number of edits to a large PowerPoint file that includes lots of images. The trace contains 83 MB of read- and 21 MB of write commands.

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