Noise cancelling headphones: do not disturb

8 headphones with noise cancellation tested



There is quite a lot of choice if you're looking for headphones with noise cancellation, that much is certain. Bose offers the best noise cancellation out of the models we tested, but we felt more pressure on our ears, which is remarkable. The Sennheiser and Sony headphones follow closely, but out of these two we prefer the Sennheiser. The aforementioned headphones sound much better than the Bose headphones and if you plan to spend this much on a pair of headphones, you should at least get great audio quality.

Our preference goes to the Sennheiser over the Sony, due to the latter's worse sound quality if you use it without turning it on. If you don't care about that, both of the headphones will be equal. For now the Sennheiser PXC 550 goes home with the Hardware.Info Ultimate Product Award.

The Parrot Zik 3 deserves an Excellent Choice Award, as it's an excellent buy at about 80 pounds less than the most expensive models. It does perform a bit worse though, but it's still great. If you go any lower in terms of pricing, you'll find that there have been noticeable compromises. The AKG N60NC is excellent for traveling, but its noise cancellation is not quite on par with the more expensive models. In terms of audio quality it's one of the better ones. The same can be said about the JBL Everest Elite 700, which is also not super convincing in terms of sound quality.

The Creative Aurvana falls short in both areas, but mainly the poor quality when listening to more complex songs is a bummer. The Teufel Mute performs solidly overall, however it is rather basic. Nevertheless it receives a Great Value Award.

Sennheiser PXC 550

Parrot Zik 3

Teufel Mute

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