Affordable case fans review: 92 models tested

Comparison test of case fans 15 pounds / dollars



(Extra) case fans allow you to greatly improve the amount of airflow in your case or CPU (water) cooler, however many case fans tend to be fairly pricey. Hardware.Info has tested more than 200 models and in this article we'll discuss 92 of the cheapest models, with a price of 15 pounds or less.

We've tested quite a few case fans this summer, however we found that the best-performing ones tend to be quite rather unfriendly for your budget. It can get really expensive if you want to install multiple fans. At the same time we found that the performance delta with the cheaper models isn't quite that large either - at least if you only look at the best ones.

Scythe Ultra Kaze 120mm 3000rpm High Pressure
The Scythe Ultra Kaze 120mm 3000rpm High Pressure cools the best out of all tested fans in this test, however it's quite noisy.

That's why we are specifically looking at the more affordable models in this article. Of course this is an arbitrary limit, however we had to draw the line somewhere. It turned out that there were very few fans available for less than 10 pounds, whereas quite a large amount of fans were available for less than 15 pounds. For this reason we defined an entry-level fan to be priced under 15 pounds. 


92 products discussed in this review

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