AMD A12-9800 Bristol Ridge APU (socket AM4) review

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Power consumption (iGPU): Cinebench 15 (Max)

In the graph below you can find the average power consumption when running the Cinebench 15 benchmark. Do note: we measured the total power draw of our test systems. We used a power efficient Nvidia GTX 750 Ti with CPUs that did not feature an integrated GPU, such as the AMD FX-chip or Socket-2011 processors.

Under a full load the A12 is slightly less power efficient than the A10, however it is clearly more power efficient than the Athlon X4 880K. Intel's i7 7700K consumes about the same amount of power, which emphasizes the difference in power efficiency.

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AMD A12-9800 Tray

Socket AM4, 3.8 GHz, 4 cores, 65 W, 28 nm, Integrated graphics

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