AMD A12-9800 Bristol Ridge APU (socket AM4) review

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Extra: Stability and memory scaling

We also wanted to discuss performance with faster memory separately, however we quickly found out that you could not set your memory any faster than 2400 MHz in the BIOS. We also had many stability issues. The driver decided to stop recognizing the integrated GPU at completely random moments and we even had BSODs when installing Windows. Turning off several features in the 'CPU Configuration' tab of the BIOS resolved most of our problems, however our system still does not perform without any hitches. Rebooting the system is not possible: we can only shut it down and turn it back on manually. The GPU performance is also not as good as we'd expect in several games. This is likely caused by imperfect drivers, however other bugs in the yet-to-be-released platform could also play a part.

In any case, we performed some tests with DDR4 memory clocked at 2133 MHz (CL15) and 2400 MHz (CL14). We see performance improvements of 1.6% and 6.6% in respectively GTA V and CS GO. We weren't able to test any more games due to the aforementioned issues and limited testing time, however we were most interested to find out how much performance we can gain with even higher memory speeds. Unfortunately the current BIOS on this motherboard does not allow us to find out.

  GTA V @ normal CS GO @ low
DDR4-2133 CL15 38.6 fps 47 fps
DDR4-2400 CL14 39.2 fps 50.1 fps
Difference 1.6% 6.6%

Do note: we use slightly difference settings in CS GO compared to the previous part of this review, therefore the scores are not the same.

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AMD A12-9800 Tray

Socket AM4, 3.8 GHz, 4 cores, 65 W, 28 nm, Integrated graphics

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